In this book, I’ll tell you many alarming stories about how people make mistakes because they deal with legal matters without a lawyer, with the wrong lawyer, or even by ignoring their legal issues altogether.

The consequences of their actions are sometimes shocking.

If you’re an entrepreneur, I’ll show you how you could avoid almost any problem, or at least be informed about it in advance and thus aware of the risks and dangers you could face. But most important of all, I’ll demonstrate how by hiring the right lawyer, one with the appropriate specialization, you’ll have time to pay attention to what you do best – your business.

If you’re not an entrepreneur, I’ll show you what to pay attention to when resolving legal matters. I’ll present some simple tips that can solve your legal issues even if you don’t hire a lawyer – although I’d certainly advise you to hire one.

So I’ll tell you how to find the right lawyer, with simple and effective steps to make it easy.

Hiring a lawyer can prevent a physical or stress-related illness due to your legal problems, the loss of income or employment, or even a relationship breakdown, which are the most common issues people face when they try and resolve legal matters without professional help.

Nearly everyone will face a legal problem at some time in their lives, but without the right lawyer the problem is unlikely to have a satisfactory outcome. Try dealing with a legal issue on your own, or even worse, ignoring it, and you’re gambling with your property, and perhaps even your life.

This book will thus give you everything you need to know so you can hire the right lawyer and avoid a legal problem from becoming a legal nightmare.

“As a lawyer in a bank, I deal with the debt collection and restructuring of receivables on a daily basis, so I know how very important it is that legal problems are resolved promptly and correctly. I see a lot of stories of failed entrepreneurs and individuals on a daily basis, although those stories could be fewer if people solved legal problems in a timely and proper manner. Gregor’s book is very much in place at the moment as it presents how legal problems can negatively affect people’s lives. I highly recommend reading the book. “

- Miha Hiršl, Head of the Workout unit at a bank

“Every company needs an expert with legal knowledge and experience in its operation. Gregor is an expert lawyer in his field, as he is always ready to listen to our problems, help, and advise appropriately. He performs his work conscientiously, accurately, professionally, and always at the agreed time. He makes extraordinary efforts for his client and, based on his experience, provides legal guidance and advice. With the advice of Gregor Verbajs, I managed to save more than $160,000 in just three months.”

- Tatjana Šolaja, owner and representative of the company Atropa d.o.o.

“Wow! You probably never imagined just how much you can lose because you don’t have the right lawyer and don’t resolve legal issues in a timely manner. Even if you have no legal problems at the moment, I recommend you read this book right away. As a senior lecturer, I often invite Gregor Verbajs as a guest to give a lecture to students, who always impresses them with his stories. Gregor will shock you with stories from the legal profession. In short, this book will change your life, save you a lot of money and help protect your health.”

- Nina Scortegagna Kavčnik, senior lecturer at the MLC Management and Law College, labor law specialist

“I love this book… it’s funny and yet deadly serious. Entrepreneurs face many challenges in today’s ultra-competitive business world; fortunately, contemporary times have also blessed us with more resources for tackling those problems than ever before. A chapter on rabbit holes that we as entrepreneurs should not fall into is a must-read. Gregor not only presents the obvious mistakes of entrepreneurs, but also shows how to avoid mistakes in the future. Just by reading the book you will know what you need to pay attention to and what you should not do. I highly suggest everyone read this book – it’s phenomenal.”

- Jelena Vidovic, entrepreneur and director of smart communities in a regional development agency

The Book on Hiring the Right Lawyer

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