The Book on Hiring the Right Lawyer

Helping you save millions and your life

In this book, I’ll tell you many alarming stories about how people make mistakes because they deal with legal matters without a lawyer, with the wrong lawyer, or even by ignoring their legal issues altogether.

The consequences of their actions are sometimes shocking.

If you’re an entrepreneur, I’ll show you how you could avoid almost any problem, or at least be informed about it in advance and thus aware of the risks and dangers you could face. But most important of all, I’ll demonstrate how by hiring the right lawyer, one with the appropriate specialization, you’ll have time to pay attention to what you do best – your business.

If you’re not an entrepreneur, I’ll show you what to pay attention to when resolving legal matters. I’ll present some simple tips that can solve your legal issues even if you don’t hire a lawyer – although I’d certainly advise you to hire one.

So I’ll tell you how to find the right lawyer, with simple and effective steps to make it easy.

Hiring a lawyer can prevent a physical or stress-related illness due to your legal problems, the loss of income or employment, or even a relationship breakdown, which are the most common issues people face when they try and resolve legal matters without professional help.

Nearly everyone will face a legal problem at some time in their lives, but without the right lawyer the problem is unlikely to have a satisfactory outcome. Try dealing with a legal issue on your own, or even worse, ignoring it, and you’re gambling with your property, and perhaps even your life.

This book will thus give you everything you need to know so you can hire the right lawyer and avoid a legal problem from becoming a legal nightmare.

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About the Author

Gregor Verbajs is a lawyer who helps entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals solve their legal problems. Gregor’s mission is to make people aware of the importance of resolving their legal issues in a timely and appropriate manner.

Gregor grew up in a small village in a small country, becoming a successful lawyer. Before embarking on this career, he was a successful athlete in the Nordic combined discipline.

He gained extensive experience in the legal field by working at a notary’s office, in court, and as a lawyer. He also gained entrepreneurial experience as a partner in an international company. He is an active lecturer who has spoken at various events related to civil and commercial law. He is a regular lecturer at the Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship, where he has prepared various practical workshops.

He has written a number of professional articles published in legal journals. As a guest, he has appeared on many TV shows.

He lives in a scenic hillside village with a view of the mountains in the middle of a forest, with his wife Nina and his two children Jan and Julija.

The Book on Hiring the Right Lawyer

Helping you save millions and your life

Chapter 1 “The Deadliest Mistake You Can Make”

I’m telling you why you need to read this book today, and right from the start I’ll tell you how I first encountered law and what changed my view of it forever, and what – in my opinion – is wrong with it.

Chapter 2 “How Do People Usually Seek Legal Advice?”

In this chapter, I present an overview of a global study conducted in 101 countries, which shows how many people actually seek the help of lawyers, in which areas they most often need assistance, and what problems they suffer.

Chapter 3 “Why And When Do People Seek Legal Advice?”

You’ll learn the most common reason why people don’t hire a lawyer – and no, it’s not the cost. You will also learn what steps you should take when you want to hire a lawyer.

Chapter 4 “If You Are An Entrepreneur, Are You Sure You Want to Go Down the Rabbit Hole?”

I’ll show you why a business partner isn’t always your friend, how your spouse can end up owning your business, and why it’s important to always read a contract before you sign it.

Chapter 5 “Do Not Sign If It Does Not Feel Right”

You will see how small legal matters can quickly spin out of control, that the devil is always in the details, and why it’s never advisable to gamble with legal issues.

Chapter 6 “He Did Not Hire A Lawyer?”

I’ll present you with two tragic stories of how entrepreneur lost everything because they did not settle legal matters in good time.

Chapter 7 “What Are The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Lawyer?

I’ll show you to how you can be tricked into choosing a lawyer, what mistakes you can make before and after choosing one, and why it’s good for your lawyer to know more than your friends.

Chapter 8 “The Simple Way To Win The Game”

I’ll also introduce you to the S.H.I.E.L.D. formula, which will help you find the best lawyer for your needs, and even help make your life better right now.

The Book on Hiring the Right Lawyer

Helping you save millions and your life

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